Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mood swings!

Our mood at the end of hectic day at office, reflects our day's push/pull. Sometimes, you feel up and sometimes down. These could happen due to various reasons including bad traffic, fight with some one on the road, or even had a tough day at office!

What strikes me with all this is the fact that how quickly our mood swings positive, if we see something good to cherish, like someone said "thing of beauty is joy for ever". Sometimes, we may even feel happy with some small recognition/small pat on our back.

The other way also is true. If someone acts little strange, you mood swings the other way quickly. Today, in my office, one person (for reason unknown) just snubbed me. Though I tried to talk to him, he just avoided me. That put my mood in a bad shape. While coming back, I saw a nice gesture of someone helping on the road, which filled my heart with love and was back into good moods. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When I joined NITK Surathkal from software industry in 2009, I had lots of enthusiasm to do something for the students and the institute. I did a few things here which I am really proud of. But, lately, my motivation is going down due to various things which have happened in recent past. First, with 14+ years experience post-PhD, I am yet to become Associate Professor. I feel little "out of place" here since my thoughts, my way of functioning, my ideas are really not amenable to many here. Interesting to see, how many more years I will be able to survive here!

But the question is where can I go from here?

Monday, June 9, 2008

Cool Cricket View Application on Adobe AIR

If you are cricket savvy and are not happy with the performance or the UI of the crickinfo and other online cricket score informing application, then you ought to look at the new Adobe AIR application which is launched at cricketnirvana.com.

Try out and this a really a cool app!

See http://srinivasannam.wordpress.com/category/adobe-air/

for more details.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flex3 Profiler Rocks!

I have created slide deck for introducing the Flex3 Profiler. Profiler in Flex3 can do a lot of things for you which would help you identify potential memory and performance bottlenecks. Go thru the slide deck and post your comments as feedback. I can give some ideas on internal design and some constraints too (if you are interested) which would give an idea of how to effectively use the profiler. Happy Profiling :-)

Look at http://www.slideshare.net/srp1970/overview-of-flex-profiler/

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Experienced Speaks

Satish is trying to put a collection of interviews with "experienced" people like me :-) His criteria is PhD and some experience in software industry with some background in Acamedia. I fit the bill and so I am there.

Watch http://experience-speaks.blogspot.com/

and let me know what you think. Ofcourse, whatever I have said there is my personal opinion only and no offense meant to any organization or any person.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Flex2 training website

The following site can give you a good training on the Flex2, Adobe's IDE for developing Rich Internet Application. Give it a try: http://www.totaltraining.com/

Puttu's B'day 2007

Enjoy watching Puttu' (Smruthi's) b'day of 2007. This was celebrated at our house at KS Layout, Bangalore. You can see Kruthi, Smruthi and Pranav doing the honors along with their friends.